Tanager Manages a Large Chip and PIN Implementation

Tanager is managing the installation of Chip and PIN devices at thousands of locations for a large international company.

Chip and PIN credit cards come with improved security features. There is a small, embedded microchip placed in the card that provides a unique code for each purchase. This makes it significantly more difficult for to use the card for the purpose of fraud. Merchants using Chip and PIN reduce the chargeback liability related to fraud. Customers no longer sign receipts. Instead of a signature, the customer enters their PIN (personal identification number) which allows the checkout process to proceed faster.

In the case of this project, the Chip and PIN devices communicate with various operating systems including Linux, Unix, and Windows. Our engineers are split into two teams for this project. One team ensures site readiness by working with the customer sites and completing a significant amount of verification and validation work. The other team of engineers completes the installations. All the installations occur remotely, overnight, during off-peak hours for the customer. Tanager is an integrated partner with the customer and with several other vendors that are critical to the success of the project. This project has a very high rate of achievement. A few of the reasons for these successes are our strong communication skills, a can-do attitude, a supportive team atmosphere, excellent customer service, and the ability to adapt and change as deemed necessary.