Cyber Security

Cyber SecurityMulti-Tier Solutions for Cyber Security Operations:  Tanager’s solutions address our customers’ cyber security and information assurance requirements by providing a skilled staff and technical measures to reduce our customer’s risk. Our staff are trained to integrate cyber capabilities, best practices, and Measures of Effectiveness to compliment, enhance, and improve the customers’ cyber security operations.

Tanager Provides these Cyber Security and Information Assurance Services

Cyber Security Analysis

  • Network Intrusion/Anomaly Detection Analysis
  • Host Intrusion/Compliance Analysis
  • Vulnerability Identification and Remediation Analysis
  • Fraud, Waste, Abuse Auditing/Analysis

Cyber Security Infrastructure Support

  • Cybersecurity Capability Development and Integration
  • Cybersecurity Capability Operation and Maintenance
  • Cybersecurity Process/System Engineering
  • Cybersecurity Knowledge Management

Cyber Security Incident Response

  • Incident Response Analysis
  • Digital Forensic Analysis
  • Media/Malware Analysis

Information Assurance

  • NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation
  • RMF Authorization and Accreditation Documentation
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Risk Analysis, Evaluation, and Remediation

Tanager’s strategic vision and knowledge base provides our customers access and insight into the cyber threats they face today as well as the ability to understand and confront the cyber threats they will face in the future. Tanager’s consultants have worked with a variety of government and other cyber centers which allows Tanager consultants to understand, partner, and convey to our customers tactical information and forward thinking recommendations and knowledge that will help decision makers place and employ resources to deliver the most benefit (operationally and cost-effectively) to combat today’s threats and future threats.

As a growing company Tanager values the relationships it has with customers and partners. This is demonstrated by Tanager’s corporate agility, which permits Tanager’s leadership to quickly identify, address, and deliver solutions and services that satisfy our customer’s requirements. Tanager works closely with our partners and customers to ensure that a properly designed and cost effective solution is delivered to meet the tactical and strategic cyber security and Information Assurance requirements.

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