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Vulnerability Assessment

Tanager is a leading expert in the field of Insider Threat Mitigation and is a recognized partner with the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s CERT program.

The CERT Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment is a model for creating and implementing an Insider Threat Mitigation Program which includes evaluations of and recommendations for improving upon an existing program or implementing a new program to meet government standards. As one of the CERT preferred partners and program assessors, Tanager uses this established and proven model to conduct evaluations and guide organizations in identifying and managing risk.

Prevention, detection and response to insider threats is the foundation of our approach to safeguarding your organization. The assessment process includes site visits and interviews, review of documents and observations of processes and security issues. After the review has been conducted, the organization receives a comprehensive report and actionable framework.

Tanager is one of a handful of partners and certified assessors for the CERT program based on our experience and expertise in the field of Insider Threat Mitigation. Download our whitepaper or contact us for more information about the CERT Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment.

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