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Our Services Include a Total Approach

Insider Threat ServicesOur holistic approach to Insider Threat Mitigation ensures that your organization is protected from all angles. Our processes include collaboration at all levels to ensure understanding of the risks associated with the insider and to further minimize those risks.

Tanager’s Threat Program Implementation includes these steps:

  1. Identify the requirements (What’s driving the need? What do you need to protect?)
  2. Risk assessments and gap analysis (Balance the need for security versus the need for protection)
  3. Executive management and stakeholder briefings
  4. Identify the data and tools within your organization that can be leveraged in support of the Insider Threat mission
  5. Implement Insider Threat IT solutions to mitigation gaps and vulnerabilities
  6. Data analysis and investigations
  7. Legal and Human Resource concerns
  8. Charter/Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)/Concept of Operations (CONOPS) design for the Insider Threat program
  9. Enable first line of defense through Insider Threat training and awareness programs for employees

We take you through all aspects of implementing an Insider Threat Program from identifying what it is you are trying to protect to investigations, data analysis, tool installation and integration, and policy development, all while addressing the privacy concerns within your organization.

Insider Threat Information Sheet [PDF, 832KB]


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