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Proven Success

Why choose usBeginning in 2009 Tanager began supporting the Insider Threat mission supporting the federal government, our countries most prized and sensitive information. Since that time Tanager has become the unequivocal leader in the federal space supporting more Insider Threat programs than any other services provider. We identify problems and expose real threats within an organization before they become the “Insider Threat”.

What makes us leaders in the industry? Here are a several reasons:

  1. Tanager provides Insider Threat services to more federal agencies than another other services provider.
  2. Tanager’s Insider Threat Development Lab integrates the best of breed technologies in support of the mission and our customers.
  3. Participate in invitation only federal and commercial Insider Threat working groups.
  4. Certified analysts that are experienced in every aspect of monitoring, identifying risks, analysis, system implementation, support and training.
  5. Tanager is partners with respected Insider Threat Organizations including Carnegie Mellon and Forcepoint (formerly Raytheon|Websence) and others.
  6. Tanager has received industry recognition including the DIA Director’s Team Award for Insider Threat and the National Counterintelligence and Security Award for Insider Threat.

Our proven track record speaks to the successes of our program. Here are examples of what our system can do for businesses and government agencies:

  1. Prevent suicide and workplace violence
  2. Thwart potential abuse
  3. Discover media leaks
  4. Identify major system misconfiguration, vulnerabilities and gaps that could have resulted in data exfiltration
  5. Unauthorized Data exfiltration
  6. Identify policy misconfigurations that opened gaps
  7. Disgruntlement
  8. Intellectual Property (IP) theft
  9. Unwitting or unintentional Insider Threat situations


Insider Threat Information Sheet [PDF, 832KB]


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