Mike Miller on Setting up an Insider Threat Security Program

Mike Miller, Tanager’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Vice President of Insider Threat, presents a 40 minute discussion on setting up an insider threat security program. This presentation is available by following the link below:


Since 2010 Mr. Miller has implemented insider threat IT solutions, performed data analysis and program management for insider threat programs within the IC and DOD. Mike has implemented programs from the infinite stage through full implementation, working all facets of the insider threat program. Mike has deployed user activity monitoring (UAM) solutions, developed concept of operations (CONOPS) and standard operating procedures (SOPs, certifications and accreditation and consulted in general counsel issues related to privacy. Mike contributes to Insider Threat working groups (ITWG), advisory services to the National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF) and other organizations and agencies tasked with implementing Insider Threat Programs. Mike is responsible for successfully expanding Tanager’s insider threat presence into the Intelligence Community (IC), Federal Civilian (FedCiv) agencies and the Department of Defense (DOD).

About Tanager
Tanager Inc., a leading woman owned small business in U.S. Government insider threat program execution, offers Managed Threat Mitigation Services providing businesses in the Defense Industrial Base and related markets with a turn-key solution for robust insider threat audit and inquiry. Tanager implements tools and analysis techniques drawn straight from our extensive experience in federal government insider threat programs. Our customers can have confidence that their insider threat protections utilize the same technologies and techniques in use throughout government today, without the high cost of designing, implementing, licensing, and staffing “yet another” new IT or security project from within the organization. For more information, contact our Threat Mitigation team by emailing insiderthreat@tanagerinc.com