Tanager Celebrates 26 Years

This August, Tanager celebrates 26 years in business. Since our founding we have maintained our guiding principles of honesty, integrity and an active commitment to provide the best in customer service. These principles have allowed us to maintain and grow a dedicated customer base – some of whom we [...]

Tanager Manages a Large Chip and PIN Implementation

Tanager is managing the installation of Chip and PIN devices at thousands of locations for a large international company. Chip and PIN credit cards come with improved security features. There is a small, embedded microchip placed in the card that provides a unique code for each purchase. This makes [...]

Technology and the Hospitality Industry Recovery

The Hospitality Industry has been hit especially hard by the global pandemic. As a technology and services provider to top Fortune 500 Hospitality Companies for over 20 years, Tanager keeps a sharp eye on industry trends. A robust reliance on technology will be one of the key factors leading [...]