Quality Management Plan

Quality management is a key facet of our project management approach that provides a streamlined, structured process, trained and experienced personnel, attention to performance and delivery, quality assurance, and granular reporting on task milestones for measureable cost control. Our team is committed to delivering quality services and professional products to the SeaPort-e program. Understanding that the SeaPort-e program is a public-facing program, our approach emphasizes a focus on services, where quality originates from trained staff and repeatable, clear processes. We will work with the task order COTR and government lead to develop the appropriate quality assurance process that will support the products and services within the task order.

To support quality assurance during delivery, we will prepare draft work product templates, outlines, checklists, and procedures that will be leveraged by our staff, stored in a common location, and updated as required. To ensure the consistency of the work products delivered by each member of the project team, the PM acts as a point of integration across the tasks in order to coordinate dependencies, workflows, and resources for greatest efficiencies and benefit for the SeaPort-e program. Tanager instills in all its task leads and teams the importance of quality assurance, through the onboarding process, to ensure it is practiced across all products and services. Quality control includes regular audits of task performance to ensure that continuous improvement takes place throughout the life of the Task Order. Quality control will be conducted through monthly status reports and program reviews and based on the performance standards detailed within the task order.

Performance, Schedule, and Cost Control

Putting the proper controls in place to measure performance, schedule, and costs is important to every project from start to finish. Tanager’s PM and supporting staff are dedicated to task order delivery to ensure the SeaPort-e ordering agency is successful. Tanager understands that measuring cost is critical to measuring performance and that the schedule completion measures accomplishment. Therefore, Tanager’s Quality Control Manager and the PM will work together to provide the COTR and government staff with the variance between the planned and actuals for performance, schedule, and cost on a monthly basis.

Approach to Guarantee Responsiveness to and Cooperation with Customers

Since good communications contributes to the success of a project, one essential component to ensuring quality in our task order delivery is establishing a comprehensive Communications Plan in coordination with our clients. The Communications Plan will ensure timely notification of accomplishments and problems to the COTR, in addition to providing clear guidance on roles and responsibilities and lines of authority for our Team’s staff and leadership. The Communications Plan will identify the type of communication event (e.g., status report, program review meeting), the purpose, the audience, the individual responsible for delivering, and the timeframe for the communication. It will detail shared repositories where deliverables will be stored and archived.

Approach to Problem Resolution

Tanager’s approach to problem resolution is to strive first to avoid them, and if avoidance is not possible follow proven mitigation plans. Our Quality Control Plan involves project risk management which ensures that customer requirements are executed with proper identification and mitigation of technical, operational, and management risks. These risks will also be identified, vetted, and tracked to determine if they remain risks, or have become realized project / program issues. Our task leads will meet periodically with our PM to discuss areas of concern for each of the respective tasks, and identified risks will be entered into the risk management database. Risks will be categorized by cost, scope, quality, budget, staffing, regulatory, and schedule, or in accordance with any specific Navy / Marine Corps risk register format.

The PM will actively track and report status of identified risks and associated mitigation strategies to the Navy / Marine Corps program leadership on a monthly basis. In the event priority risks are identified, these risks will be immediately escalated to the appropriate stakeholder. Corrective actions will be coordinated with the COTR to minimize the impact on cost, schedule, or quality. Our approach will focus first on mitigating the risks with the highest potential impact.

Tanager is committed to client satisfaction. In the event there is an unforeseen negative variance, Tanager will determine the reason for the variation and work with the COTR to determine the appropriate mitigation strategy and will ensure that this variance is resolved.

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