Tanager, Inc. and Insider Threat Defense, Inc. Form a Strategic Partnership

Tanager, Inc. and Insider Threat Defense, Inc. are excited to announce a strategic partnership between both companies. The partnership will allow both companies to offer organizations a full suite of Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Services. The partnership was announced in response to the many recent insider threat incidents and data breaches that affected the U.S. Government and businesses.

The damages from an insider committing fraud or data theft in an organization can be severe as numerous recent reports have shown. Theft of data is not just a U.S. Government problem. Fraud, data theft and information systems sabotage by insiders has been on the rise for large and small businesses.

The 2014 U.S. State Of Cyber Crime Survey stated: The incidents that typically fly under the media radar are insider events. We found that 28% of respondents pointed the finger at insiders, which includes trusted parties such as current and former employees, service providers, and contractors. Almost one-third (32%) say insider crimes are more costly or damaging than incidents perpetrated by outsiders. The larger the business, the more likely it is to consider insiders a threat; larger businesses also are more likely to recognize that insider incidents can be more costly and damaging. Despite this, however, only 49% of all respondents have a plan for responding to insider threats.

A 2014 Occupational Fraud And Abuse Report by the Association Of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) stated; Companies lose 5 percent of revenue each year to fraud, which amounts to nearly $3.7 trillion globally. The report pegged the median loss from fraud at $145,000. More than 1 in 5 of the almost 1,500 cases analyzed in more than 100 countries had employees walking away with at least $1 million.

Tanager, Inc: Small Business Leader In Insider Threat Implementation And Services
Tanager is a leading small business in insider threat program implementation for the U.S. Government. While many may talk about insider threat in general terms and as a conceptual problem;
• Tanager has implemented, operated, and performed Counterintelligence focused analysis and Insider Threat solutions implementation on several U.S. Government insider threat programs since 2010.
• The Tanager team has been active in insider threat programs since 2005, with experience implementing insider threat capabilities and solutions in over 20 U.S. Government and commercial environments.
Tanager’s Insider Threat Mitigation Services provide a flexible turn-key technical and programmatic solution, utilizing the leading host-based insider threat audit and monitoring tools available. This managed service offering provides a quick and easy way for industry to leverage “U.S. government-grade” host-based audit and monitoring capabilities using a partner who has extensive hands-on experience.
• Tanager offers a full range of insider threat mission services including, training, and insider threat program implementation services.

Insider Threat Defense:
• Insider Threat Defense provides a comprehensive Insider Threat Program Training Course (Instructor Led, Web Based).
• The Insider Threat Program Training Course is designed for U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Intelligence Community Agencies, Defense Industrial Base Contractors and large and small businesses.
• The Insider Threat Program Training Course was developed in accordance with Executive Order (EO) 13587, National Insider Threat Policy and other supporting regulations. The Insider Threat Program Training Course will meet and exceed the National Insider Threat Policy requirements for establishing an Insider Threat Program and providing Insider Threat Awareness Training-Reporting Guidance.
• The Insider Threat Program Training Course provides comprehensive and structured training for individuals responsible for protecting classified information, and businesses protecting intellectual property, trade secrets and sensitive information.

Upon the successful passing of the Insider Threat Program Training Course Final Exam, students will receive an Insider Threat Security Specialist Certificate. The Insider Threat Security Specialist Certificate will provide confidence to employers that the Insider Threat Security Specialist; 1) Understands the minimum standards and guidance for implementation of an Insider Threat Program. 2) Can effectively communicate with the many individuals that manage and support and Insider Threat Program. 3) Can assess an existing Insider Threat Program for weaknesses and make enhancements. 4) Can identify Insider Threat risks, vulnerabilities and weaknesses within an organization, and provide actionable risk mitigation strategies to detect, deter and mitigate Insider Threats.5) Develop and implement an Insider Threat Awareness and Reporting Program.

The Insider Threat Program Training Course has recently been taught to personnel supporting U.S. Government and DoD Agencies.

Additionally proposed changes are coming to the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) that will require Defense Industrial Base Contractors to have Insider Threat Programs. Insider Threat Defense and Tanager will provide assistance to Defense Industrial Base Contractors in the areas of; Insider Threat Program Training, Insider Threat Risk Management Briefings, Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Services, Insider Threat Monitoring and Insider Threat Program Management Services.

The Insider Threat Defense and Tanager partnership goals are to provide;
• Integrated and optimized solutions and services to organizations interested in detecting, mitigating and
preventing insider threats.
• Provide superior performance and increased value to our clients.
• Provide our clients the opportunity to work with two companies that proven track records and past performance in the areas of Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Services.


Contact Information:

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E-Mail; jimhenderson@insiderthreatdefense.com

Phone: 240-547-3150
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